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Our Story

Acajou is among those Seychelles hotels built with nature in mind…not on top of where nature used to be.

Since opening in 1996 our hotel has been Seychellois-owned and managed, by travel professionals who were involved in the Seychelles tourism industry’s early beginnings.

Today, the resort remains just as committed to offering a uniquely authentic experience for its guests, while operating in a sustainable way that safeguards the environment and promotes and protects Seychelles’ Creole culture and values.

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Acajou Beach Resort has been a proponent of sustainable tourism before the phrase was even coined. The original Acajou Hotel first opened in 1996, its name derived from the French word for “mahogany,” in a nod to the natural timber-themed design of its construction, with wood that was specifically cultivated in an ecologically friendly manner.

In keeping with this commitment to the environment, the hotel’s 2014 refurbishment was carefully planned so as to take advantage of modern technology and dramatically reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint. This included the installation of photovoltaic panels that power more than 50 percent of the hotel’s power needs, as well as a wastewater treatment plant, among a number of other green initiatives that we continue to maintain and expand.

Our property’s continuous efforts toward sustainability earned Acajou a place in the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL) portfolio of green hotels since 2017. SSTL is a government-run accreditation programme that requires hotels to meet, and continually improve, against wide-ranging sustainability criteria.

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Community Impact

We are always looking for opportunities to fulfil our obligations to Seychellois society, and are eager to support partnerships for education, culture and the environment. Our team has routinely supported the Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS) in tree-planting activities for forest restoration, among a number of other projects.

What Our Guests Say

Discover what our valued guests have to say about their experiences at Acajou Beach Resort. Browse through these testimonials to get a glimpse of the memorable moments our guests have had during their stay.