Les Boucaniers

Just like the veranda of a traditional plantation house, Les Boucaniers offers an intimate dining atmosphere immersed in Creole flair and rustic beauty.

With its concept of French-style cooking using ingredients and flavours of the Indian Ocean rim, Les Boucaniers echoes the islands' history as a crossroads for explorers, pirates and traders from a variety of cultures, each imparting their own influence on the islands.

Les Boucaniers is housed in the resort's main concourse, serving a full American buffet breakfast every morning with plenty of fresh local fruit, and dinner service with live entertainment several nights a week.

Chapo! Bar & Lounge

Chapo! Bar & Lounge serves up intimate island ambience for travellers from around the world to share company, conversation...and occasionally their hats.

Since its opening in the late ‘90s, the bar was well known for the Creole-style hats that adorned the wall above the bar, and that tradition continues today, with hats from around the world on display.

Starfish Restaurant

The spot on Praslin's Cote D'Or beach for casual dining in a relaxed atmosphere, Acajou's Starfish Bar & Restaurant is open daily, combining a delightful selection of international bistro classics as well as traditional Creole specialities of fresh grilled fish and a variety of curries.

Don’t miss our renowned signature dish of octopus curry with coconut milk, often hailed as Seychelles’ best iteration of this delicacy. Join us at the bar, deck table or your own lounger by the pool to cool off from the island heat, with always-cold soft drinks and beers, or refreshing cocktails made with fresh fruit picked on-site at the hotel.

Special Dining Experiences

A candle-lit dinner by our soothing garden fountain, a romantic picnic or table setting on the beach, or simply a special breakfast brought in for you to enjoy in the privacy of your room’s veranda, we’d be delighted to help you add that extra touch to a unique dining experience. Additional charges may apply.